The LMT Group

Best-of-class technologies and services in global markets

The LMT Group is a management holding with joint operative tasks:
As a corporate umbrella, the service organization provides services for central functions.

The LMT Group is based in Oberkochen in Germany, while its largest production and technology center is located in Schwarzenbek near Hamburg. The management operates independently of the family and is overseen by a Supervisory Board in which not only the owners, but also independent and experienced experts are represented.

The LMT Group provides production and administrative facilities for its subsidiaries as jointly used resources. For stakeholders and customers, the LMT Group sees itself as a guarantor of continuous outstanding performance. The corporate policy of the LMT Group aims to achieve lasting, sustainable and fair international cooperation.

In the 2018 business year the LMT Group employed more than 2,300 people.

Thomas Mücke, Trainer

Thomas Mücke,

Tablet production innovator

Fette Compacting is the world’s leading provider of integrated solutions for industrial tablet production. Since 2016, the product portfolio offered by the technological and global market leader has been supplemented to include highly-efficient capsule filling machines. The company specializes in high-performance machines for the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s head office and global control center is in Schwarzenbek near Hamburg. Fette Compacting is represented across the globe in more than 40 countries.
Fette Compacting is the only manufacturer of tablet presses and capsule filling machines, operating a dedicated global competence network with fully-equipped and interactively-networked competence centers in Germany, the USA, Brazil, India and China.

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Fette Compacting GmbH
Grabauer Straße 24
21493 Schwarzenbek

P +49 4151 12-0


  • Development/production
    Tablet press, process equipment, tableting tools, innovative comprehensive solutions.

  • Service
    Services, e.g. maintenance, repair, supply of spare parts, modernization.

  • Training
    Opportunities for experimental testing and training to continuously improve production processes.

Frank Smidt, Test area Rolling Heads Technology

Frank Smidt,
Test area Rolling Heads Technology

Precision tools for industrial production

LMT Tools brings together the expertise of leading specialists in precision tool technology. This pooled expertise enables LMT Tools to develop and deliver tool solutions all over the world for processing modern materials ranging from high-strength steel to composite materials. The LMT Tools Group encompasses the companies LMT Belin, LMT Fette, LMT Kieninger and LMT Onsrud. 

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LMT Tool Systems GmbH & Co. KG
Heidenheimer Straße 84
73447 Oberkochen

P  +49 7364 9579-0


  • Tool production
    Tools for industrial production, e.g. thread rolling heads, cutting materials, etc.

  • Developing solutions
    Development of new machining strategies and tool solutions for complex components.

  • Service
    Services in the areas of tool reconditioning and tool management.

  • Tool management
    Organization of the optimal tool supply for more cost and production efficiency.

Janka Wieczorek, Dual study program in Business Computing

Janka Wieczorek,
Dual study program in Business Computing

The LMT Group's

service provider

As a central service provider, the LMT Finance & Shared Services is responsible, e.g., for strategic purchasing, IT, logistics and materials administration, personnel and accounting.

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LMT Finance & Shared Services GmbH & Co. KG
Grabauer Straße 24
21493 Schwarzenbek

P +49 4151 12-0


  • Quality management
    Global support, e.g. for process management and knowledge transfer.

  • Training and development
    Lifelong learning – e.g. with the LMT Group Academy.

  • Logistics and materials administration
    Coordination of the logistics for the six production sites and 20 sales organizations.

  • IT
    IT infrastructure provision. Comprehensive in-house IT services.

  • Human resources
    Provision of the entire HR process chain.