Management Board

As a management holding, the LMT Group is controlled by the LMT GmbH & Co. KG.
The Managing directors of the LMT Group are Daniel Ehmans (CEO LMT Group, Division President LMT Tools) and Joachim Dittrich (Member of Management Board LMT Group, CEO Fette Compacting).

Daniel Ehmans

CEO LMT Group,
Division President LMT Tools


Born 1968 in Düsseldorf, married, two children
2019 - 2020Division President Fette Compacting
Since May 2017CEO LMT Tools
2015 - 2017Board Swarovski, Tyrolit
1996 - 2014Board Sandvik

Joachim Dittrich

Member of the Management Board LMT Group,
CEO Fette Compacting


Born 1964 in Hamburg, married, two children
Since January 2021CEO Fette Compacting
2018 - 2020Chairman of Optima Consumer Division
2014 - 2017Vice President Business Unit Liquid Food, Bosch Stuttgart
2011 - 2014General Bosch Packaging Technology BV, Netherlands

The Supervisory Board of the LMT Group

The Supervisory Board of the LMT Group brings together a broad range of expertise and many years of experience. Owners and external members work together to ensure that the best decisions are taken - in the joint interests of the business and the workforce.

Members of the Supervisory Board 

Klaas Borchert, Lawyer and Tax Consultant, Chairman
Angelika Bengel, Owner
Regine Bengel, Owner
Franziska Eichel, Owner
Wolfgang Leimgruber, former Executive Board Member Dr.-Ing. h. c. F. Porsche AG
Peter Richard Stoffel, Managing Partner Business Club Hamburg GmbH 
Martin Plucinski, Workers‘ Representative
Martin Weiser, Workers‘ Representative