Compliance Principles

As an internationally active group of companies, LMT GmbH & Co. KG and its subsidiaries (hereinafter jointly referred to as “LMT Group”) have to respect diverse social, political and legal rules in Germany and abroad. Even seemingly negligible infringements of law by employees, board members, directors and officers may substantially impair the reputation of the enterprise and cause considerable – including financial – damage.

In order to meet the specific requirements of each business unit, the management teams have adopted an individual code of conduct that takes into account the specific needs of each business unit, employees and stakeholders. These are available for Fette Compacting here and for LMT Tools here.

At the same time, as an internationally active company, the LMT Group is aware of its responsibility in the global value chain. The LMT Group is committed to respecting and protecting human rights and to taking responsibility for its value chain. This self-commitment is a requirement for our own actions as well as an expectation for our business partners. We have set this down in the Human Rights Statement according to Section 6 (2) of the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) and in our commitment to respecting human rights in accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act.

  • Human Rights Statement
    NameHuman Rights Statement
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  • UK Modern Slavery Act
    NameUK Modern Slavery Act
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