LMT Group Compliance Hotline "Speak-Up"


LMT Group has set out its core values of integrity, honesty, fairness in competition, fair working conditions, sustainability and socially responsible actions, and compliance with the law in the Code of Conduct in each business unit.

Our corporate culture is guided by these core values. Unethical, illegal and irresponsible actions harm the company and its stakeholders, i.e. customers, shareholders, suppliers, partners and employees. For this reason, your constructive assistance is an important element in combating and preventing illegal and dubious actions. The establishment of a hotline should help to better detect any misconduct.

Why is a Compliance Hotline important?

With the help of a hotline, information about documented violations of our core values and criminal activities can be sent to the company on a voluntary basis in a targeted manner and - if desired - anonymously.

Who should use the Compliance Hotline?

Any employee who becomes aware of illegal or dubious activities can use this hotline if he/she cannot discuss the issue with his/her supervisor. However, any LMT Group stakeholder, such as customers, suppliers and other contractual partners, who becomes aware of illegal or dubious actions can also communicate this information via the hotline. We assure that conduct with integrity will not result in any disadvantage at any time.

What should be reported via the Compliance Hotline?

The hotline can be used to communicate information about violations in the following areas:

- Collusion, contacts, meetings with competition

- Bribery, corruption, kickbacks,

- Embezzlement, misappropriation, theft,

- Environmental protection, health and safety,

- Fair Conduct and Conflicts of Interest,

- Harassment, bullying, discrimination,

- Privacy and IT security issues,

- Adherence to internal guidelines,

- Human rights,

- Other.

We would like to point out that the information on the violations must be presented in a substantiated manner with appropriate evidence. Information that merely contains general allegations and cannot be substantiated, even after attempted contact, will not be followed up by us.

What happens after you have given us information?

Information you provide to the hotline is received by the Legal and Compliance department and reviewed accordingly. You can significantly support our work by voluntarily providing us with contact information (phone, cell phone number, email) that we can use to reach you if we have any questions about the violations you observed. We take all concrete information seriously and ensure that it is handled confidentially - to the extent permitted by law.

We have outlined the specific procedure in our Rules of Procedure for the complaints procedure. These rules of procedure are also available in other languages on the homepage of our Speak Up hotline.

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