Efficiency through Innovation

With our leading technologies and services, our entrepreneurially-minded employees and our keen interest in forging new partnerships, we are ready to attend to our customers worldwide. We assist our customers in increasing the efficiency of their production and thereby also support the sustainable development of the world's growing population.


As a family-owned company we pursue ambitious goals with a sense of proportion, based on economic, social and ecological sustainability.
With our innovations in technology and services we support our customers worldwide in increasing the efficiency and profitability of their production.
As employer we encourage and support the personal and professional development of our employees, focusing especially on the international cooperation on equal terms.



On a long-term average, we achieve a continuous growth that is well above the market growth.
As we are committed to securing and expanding existing sites and activities we are acknowledged as a responsible company. Our customers value us as innovation leaders in technology.


Tailored to the needs of our customers, we develop and implement optimal services and the most advanced technologies. We internationalize development, production and management and give organizational units and subsidiaries the required entrepreneurial leeway to run their business.
Based on stable processes, we intensify international cooperation within the Group. We seek to forge new alliances and cooperations up to incorporating new partners in our group of companies – as we have done in the past. For our employees worldwide we offer attractive jobs and opportunities for individual development.

Corporate values and culture

By giving people the opportunity to assume entrepreneurial responsibility, we are able to remain agile and quick to react. We encourage the pioneering spirit of our employees while never losing sight of what is feasible.
As company we are courageous when it comes to seizing opportunities, but we are never audacious as we seek to be a reliable partner for our stakeholders. We cooperate in a cooperative, encouraging and respectful way within the group and with our external partners.